Help & Advice For Other Cyclists

Because I've biked cross-country three times, I get many inquiries from cyclists who ask for help, advice and suggestions about their own long-distance bicycle tour plans. Below are my resources ...

My Bike Across USA Journals

"A Third Time? Really?" - 2017 Bike Ride
"Legs of Steel" - 2011 Bike Ride
"The First Trip" - 2008 Bike Tour

You can read other long distance bicycle journals on

I also biked across Colorado in 2003.

LATEST NEWS: My book about my 2008 bike across USA trip is for sale:
Under a Triumphant Sky: A Bike Across America Story

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions - By Video

(All of these videos are on my YouTube page:

Do you have any advice for me? (Advice for beginners)
How not to quit
How to train beforehand
5 lessons from biking across America
5 reasons to do it
What kind of bike should I use?
5 things I'd do differently on my next tour
Choosing your route
Should I go alone?
My encouragement to cyclists who want to do it

They are more "reflection vlogs," but I did two lectures after my most recent 2017 trip.

3 days after biking across America
12 days after biking across America

You Need More Help

I welcome short and concise questions on Twitter:

For those who have long and complicated questions, I am a talk therapist in real life. For a little PayPal money, I'd be happy to give you a coaching session by telephone. :)

Lastly, I encourage you to ask questions at your local bicycle shop for assistance. -Steve

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