Three Great Charities

See the quote above by Leonard Nimoy? Do you believe it? I do. I think our lives become fuller when we give. When we share. Or when we're serving others. I encourage you to support any or all of my charities, or perhaps find your own unique way to make a meaningful difference in someone's life. -Steve

Arkansas Valley Christian Mission - As I resident of Buena Vista, I know what a great ministry this is in meeting the needs of the impoverished in my community. When times have been tough for me personally, their no-questions-asked, take-what-you-need food pantry has come handy in stocking up my cupboards. Everyone involved, from the directors to the volunteers, always have caring, smiling faces who are glad that I've come by. Don't believe the idea that American poverty only exists in "inner city" settings; there's plenty of need in rural communities like mine. You're welcome to send a financial gift to the Arkansas Valley Christian Mission (122 Cottonwood Avenue, Buena Vista, Colorado 81211) or volunteer your time. Here's an excellent article in the newspaper about them.

Kinship United (formerly Warm Blankets Orphan Care International) - This is a charity dedicated to the rescue of orphans in third world countries, primarily in Africa and also in India and Cambodia. Caring for orphans in dire situations is near the top of the most noble causes. On their website, they write, "Our mission is to restore childhoods in Christ as we reach out to meet their physical and emotional needs, and raise them to be disciples and leaders who bring about permanent change right where God planted them." Pray for their work. Send them a check.

Give Directly - I first heard about this remarkable charity when National Public Radio did a story on them. It's a neat concept: Make direct cash transfers to the needy in Kenya from your cell phone to theirs. It's a radical way to give. There's no middleman. No worries about your money going toward exorbinant administrative costs. And at least for now (knock on wood), the American dollar is still strong and makes for a generous gift to many in third-world countries. Another thing that I love about GiveDirectly is that respect is a core value. Recipients are not belittled or pressured with expectations about what to do with their transfer; they are encouraged to pursue their own goals as they see fit.

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