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Day 9: Rest Day in Scottsdale, Arizona

0 miles - Spent The Day With Brian Powers; The Grave of Mike Green; Landis Cyclery - February 17, 2017

Sweet Rest
Resting on Couch
When you're biking across America, there's nothing more sublime than to be reclined on a soft couch or bed.

This ninth day would be my first day off, and thankfully, Brian Powers was willing to drive me all over the city. What a blessing this man was. When we weren't out, I spent much of the time in a horizontal position on his leather couch in his living room. My legs gladly "soaked up" the rest. :)

Omelette Breakfast


For breakfast, I got this omelette with green chile and salsa. Mmmmm.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Steve Garufi Arizona

Brian gave me a tour of Scottsdale and showed the roads where the annual Tour de Scottsdale happens.

Also, look at how wonderful that saguaro is.

We drove around Carefree too ...

Mike Green 1946-2015

Mike Green
Mike Green was a friend and neighbor from when I lived in Buena Vista, Colorado. One of our common interests was our love for 1950s and 1960s cars. I owned a 1964 Cadillac, and he owned many vehicles including a 1959 and 1956 Cadillac. Mike was also the guy who six years earlier drove his truck behind me as I biked through the Queen Creek Tunnel on Trip #2. Mike died in April 2015 and is buried in the National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona. It was my first time to pay my respects at his grave.

Landis Cyclery

Landis Cyclery

We also visited Landis Cyclery on W. Indian School Road in Phoenix. This is crazy to say, but two of the guys (center and right) still work there after all these years. This was the very shop where I bought my current bicycle (a Trek 1.2 road bike) back in February 2008 during the unpleasant circumstances of my stolen bike on Trip #1.

It was great to see these guys and catch up. They were hesitant to pose for a picture, but then they finally caved and gave their best smiles. It's a great shot of them, isn't it?

I really do appreciate Landis Cyclery. They have a few locations around the city and I recommend them for all your cycling needs. Remember, the trusty bicycle that I was riding on this journey was bought at this bike shop. Their website is www.landiscyclery.com.

Palm Trees

Backyard Cactus Golden Barrel Cactus

Miniature Palm Tree

Cactus and Palm Trees Around Brian's Home

It's true I'm a proud Coloradan who is unabashedly pro-snow, pro-winter, and pro-cold weather. Dreams come true in the winter. When it snows in Colorado, all the people are happy and erupt in song and joyful celebration.

Having said that, I also have a soft spot for the desert and cactus. If you are acquainted with my YouTube channel, you probably know that my handle is "kisscactus" and there really are videos of me kissing thorny cacti. :) I also created www.cactuslovers.com, an online community of people who love cactus and succulents.

While in the Southwest, I never grew tired of seeing cactus and desert plants throughout the land. Adjacent are four shots around Brian's home.

He has three palm trees in his backyard. There are various cacti including two healthy golden barrels. He also has a young palm tree that shows promise for a long and healthy life.

Showing all the cacti in front of the Cholla Vista entrance in Scottsdale ...

What I thought of his three palm trees ...

Brian Powers Brian took me and his mother out to dinner in the evening. I regret not getting a good picture of us, but I did obtain this recent shot of Brian and his mom. That's right -- she's from Wisconsin and a Packers fan. :)

If I am redundant in this journal, at least it's for good reason. Much thanks once more to Brian for all he did for me on Day 9.

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