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Sweet Rest In Bed
Me soaking up the cozy bed in Jeb and Tina's guest room.

My friends Jeb and Tina would continue to bless me after the trip was over. When the ceremonial ride to Canaveral National Seashore ended, Jeb and Tina took me to their home in Titusville where I'd sleep for six nights in their guest room. Now that's generosity! If I was allowed to show only one photo on this page, it would be this one. I spent so much time sleeping and reclining in that bed. Sweet rest. :)

Bike in a Box

Black Jeep

I had a bicycle shop take apart my bike and put it in a box. Then I shipped to Colorado via UPS.

See my bike in the back of that Jeep? Recognize it? That's Jeb's Jeep! Jeb allowed me to use his vehicle for whatever local driving I wanted to do. Thanks again, Jeb! :)

Ponce de Leon Lighthouse I did explore the local area.

One day I visited the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse in Ponce Inlet, Florida.

I even made a Facebook live video ...

Canaveral Seashore, FL

Steve's Feet

One afternoon I visited the southern end of the Canaveral National Seashore, directly east of Titusville.

Below is a normal video showing the ocean scenery. The other is a vlog on the topic of "My Thoughts 3 Days After Biking Across America."

Florida Palm Trees No matter how many days I spent in Florida, I never got bored gazing at palm trees. So beautiful!
Jeb, Tina & Steve Jeb, Tina, and I went out to eat many evenings. Here's a shot of us at Valentino's New York Style Pizzeria & Restaurant.

Back in Colorado

Steve Garufi
Two days after arriving back in Colorado, I took this selfie. I couldn't believe all the weight I lost. My face was thinner. My stomach was flat. All of my clothing fit so loosely. Sadly, I would gain all of the weight back within 2-3 months, but that's OK.

My first "not too shabby" while back in the Centennial State was fitting.

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Day 59

I flew from Orlando to Denver, and Bill Rogan (of Day 27) shuttled me home.
As you'll notice, I was on the somber side.

Day 66

My first bike ride after coming back to Colorado. (La Veta, CO)
Day 101

Just a tease. :)

Reflection Videos
They might be boring, but they're there if they interest you.

12 days after biking across America.

28 days after biking across America.

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