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Day 51: Live Oak, FL to Starke, FL

63 miles - Lake City; Left Highway 90 and Joined FL Route 100; Lake Butler; Starke - March 31, 2017

Florida Road The riding was easy and flat from Live Oak to Lake City.

Look at a map of Lake City's positioning in Florida... I would definitely be out of the panhandle today.

Columbia County, Florida

Columbia County, Florida

I crossed into Columbia County and made a video.

Bicycle Lane

Lake City, Florida

The bicycle lane on the west side of Lake City was much appreciated.

Gator Head Gift

Marathon Gas Station

It was so busy with cars and trucks where Highway 90 and Interstate 75 intersect. Inside a gasmart, these gatorheads were for sale. Wow!

Florida Highway 100 Headed east, I saw the actual town of Lake City where the downtown square and business district seemed inviting.

On the east side, I made a change that deserved a solemn pause. While Highway 90 would continue into Jacksonville, I turned onto Florida Route 100 which heads southeast towards Starke, Palatka, and Ormond Beach, and said good-bye to this wonderful Highway 90 that had been so good to me.

Lake Butler, Florida

Lake Butler, FL

Lake Butler, Florida

Highway 100 was just as bike-friendly as Highway 90. Lake Butler seemed like a nice town -- a place where locals can go about their lives without all the busyness of vacationers clogging their roads. I couldn't see Lake Butler from the road, though. I wondered if it was pretty.
Starke, Florida

Starke, FL

Starke, Florida

I arrived in Starke around 60 miles and wanted to continue to Palatka. I was willing to go, but there was one negative factor: a strong southerly wind had been a crosswind throughout the day, and my route would turn south for 10 miles before turning southeast. Not wanting to deal with headwinds for 30 miles and feeling baked from the Florida sun, I stayed in Starke, disappointed once more over my mileage.

FIRST PHOTO: I'm not sure if that's the county courthouse or a replica of the Big Ben building in England, but it caught my eye. ;)

SECOND PHOTO: As you can see, there is a lot of traffic on the main drag in Starke, and I had no idea why. It seemed like your average dinky non-coastal Florida town. Upon asking a local, I learned that for those driving directly from Jacksonville to Tampa, Starke is the town one must drive through. Go figure.

Steve Through the mirror, I noticed how much weight I had lost. By this point, my shorts would fall right to my ankles if I didn't wear a belt.

Much thanks to my black and silver Garbage Cans shirt (the Garbage Cans is my fantasy football team) and cream shorts for being such a reliable set of clothing after each ride. :)

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