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Day 50: Monticello, FL to Live Oak, FL

62 miles - Another Ride In Northern Florida; Temperature Reached 88 Degrees - March 30, 2017

Florida Road The B&B in Monticello fed me well, and then I was on my way.

Day 50 had the worst photography; there was hardly anything to snap images of. This may have been a reflection of me being sick and tired of biking across northern Florida. Heck, I still wasn't considered to be out of the panhandle when I'd arrive in Live Oak today. Anyway, here's my standard Highway 90 shot east of Monticello.

Think of the Number 50. What comes to your mind first? Super Bowl 50?

No Loitering Sign

Greenville, Florida

In Greenville, I made a video as I rolled up to a gasmart.

I did notice the "no loitering, no profanity, no drinking on premises" sign at S&J Deli and Gasmart. It did seem like sometimes there were sketchy people "hanging around" at convenience stores in the Southeast -- people blasting music from their cars, behaving in profane ways (swearing and/or exposing underwear), yelling or horsing around, etc.

Suwanee River

Suwanee River

I crossed the Suwanee River and thought about the scene in the classic TV show The Honeymooners, where Ralph Cramden gets hit with some stinging irony. Watch and enjoy ...

It cracks me up every time! :)

Live Oak, Florida Florida Road
When I got to Live Oak at about 60 miles, it was hot and I knew better than to exert myself at such a high temperature. I was so disappointed as I was hoping to make it another 25 miles to Lake City, but it wasn't meant to be.


License Plate Art

There were two older motels in Live Oak. One seemed downright scary, so I didn't bother inquiring about the rate. The other had no vacancies. So I had to bike two miles north to a cluster of newer motels at Interstate 10. Call me a stickler, but I hated biking extra miles for something like this; and tomorrow, I'd bike the same distance back. Then again, remember when I was furious over "cheating" in Big Spring, Texas? It all evened out.

I was well-aware it was a bad photography day and being mindful of how this journal would be presented, I grabbed my camera and took pictures of anything. Here's a selfie through a mirror. The framed print with USA license plate art caught my eye. I marveled over how far I had come.

I made a nifty video in the heart of Live Oak. Look at me in the left turn lane! :)

Fusion Buffet Near my motel was the Fusion Buffet. Mmmm. Chinese food.

I wonder how much I would weigh if I lived across the street from a Chinese buffet. 300 pounds? 479 pounds? 600 or more? :p)

Live Oak, Florida After dining, I snapped this picture from the parking lot. Here are the scenic views in Live Oak, Florida.

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Not Too Shabby
I'm a fan of the Fusion Buffet and loved the golden cat at the cash register. :)

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