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Day 49: Chattahoochee, FL to Monticello, FL

72 miles - Biked Through Tallahassee and Met Lois; Stayed at B&B in Monticello - March 29, 2017

North Florida Road At the start of my rides, I got into the habit of taking a standard "flat Florida road with forest" photo.
North Florida Road My bicycle at a convenience store in Gretna.
Quincy, Florida Only 194 miles to Jacksonville? Oh. My. Gosh.

My destination would be about 100 miles south of Jacksonville, but still, to be under 200 miles from a city on the Atlantic Coast was encouraging.

Tallahassee, FL

Tallahassee, Florida

I took Highway 90 through Tallahassee. Here's a shot on the west side where it intersects Interstate 10.
Chipotle Patio The road became busy, and the bicycle lane disappeared in the heart of the city.

Things were going well though, and I got a nice break at a Chipotle near Florida State University.

Downtown Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida

Downtown Tallahassee

Downtown Tallahassee

With no bike lane and so many cars, I stayed to the right of the right lane. It was tight.

There were signs throughout indicating that "bicycles can take the lane," but I didn't dare do it. I'm not that courageous ... or foolish(?). In retrospect, I would have taken another route across Tallahassee. That's my advice to you: Do NOT take Highway 90 in this city. Take back streets. It'll be safer and better on your nerves.

At the junction of Tennessee Street (Hwy 90) and N. Monroe Street, I rolled up to the red light with views of downtown Tallahassee traffic. It was wild enough that I snapped pictures in all directions.

THIRD PHOTO: That's the view as I faced back at the cars behind me. Remember, I had no shoulder. I just stayed right and all those cars safely passed. I will say, with much gratitude, that there wasn't even one incident of a motorist slamming their horn or reacting with belligerence towards me. Thank you, Tallahassee!

Florida State University I biked as hard as I could to get through this road with no shoulder.

As I sped by a Florida State University sign, I was swift enough to pull out my camera and get this photo.

Lois and Steve

Meeting Lois in Tallahassee

I was out of the busy section and struggling up and down some hills on the east side. Then a car to the left slowed to my pace, and a woman shouted, "Are you Steve?"

This is Lois of Tallahassee. Through mutual friends, Lois learned about my trip and had been following my trip updates on Facebook. While I was riding in her city, she went on a search ... and found me! Taking a break to make a new friend was a well-needed morale boost. :)

Lois talks about meeting governors in Florida's capitol city and her beloved Florida State Seminoles. Her grandson got some camera time too.

Highway 90 in Florida Somewhere beyond Tallahassee as I was coming closer to Monticello, the shoulder completely disappeared once more. It would be like this for about ten miles.

The shoulder would come back in Monticello, and like I said, while Highway 90 is an excellent bicycle route, it is not perfect.

Monticello, Florida

Monticello, Florida

Arrival in Monticello.

80 miles yesterday. 72 miles today. That's not too shabby. :)

Monticello, Florida

Monticello, Florida

Glass of Wine

Monticello had a beautiful courthouse on the town circle.

I biked all over in search of a suitable motel. There was one horrible and dingy motel that wanted just $35 for the night, but when the owner insisted on being paid cash, I turned him down. The place seemed way too sketchy. There were a few motels at Interstate 10, but that was five miles away, and I didn't want to ride that extra distance. So what did I do? I hate to say it, but I bit the bullet and stayed at one of Monticello's pricey bed-and-breakfasts. I put this one on my credit card and told myself I'd pay it later. The place was named the 1872 John Denham House Bed and Breakfast.

After checking in, the host offered me a glass of wine, and I surely took it.

Admiring the courthouse and the palm trees all around ...

My bedroom at the B&B was blue and white. Here's what I thought of it ...

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