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Day 47: Crestview, FL to DeFuniak Springs, FL

29 miles - Headwind on Highway 90; Visit to Florida High Point; Visit to Beach at Night - March 27, 2017

The Grass Blade Test

The test confirmed that I was biking into a headwind.

Highway 90 in Florida

Raceway Store

East of Crestview, I biked through moderate hills in peaceful and quiet forest. Highway 90's design continued to be friendly to bicyclists.

At 15 miles, I stopped at a Raceway store and photographed this sign. Tallahassee was 133 miles away? It was a challenging reminder that I still had a long way to go before I'd reach the Atlantic Ocean.

A Facebook live video. I start singing at some point ...

When I was within 12 miles of DeFuniak Springs, I texted Michelle about my location. She was planning to meet me in the center of town.

The more I rode into that headwind, the lazier I got. Who wants to ride a bike into a pummeling headwind? That's no fun. I mulled my options, and when I got to DeFuniak Springs, I asked Michelle if she'd want to hang out with me for the whole day. (She had already informed me she had the day off.) I'd buy her lunch. We could visit the Florida High Point. And if she wanted to go to the beach, we could do that too. Michelle agreed to it all. She also let me crash in her living room once more. My Florida Panhandle friend had come through once more.

So today would be a short day. I think after turning down Shawn Brown in Pensacola yesterday, the wiser side of me wanted to have some fun. :)

Walton County Courthouse

DeFuniak Springs, Florida

Michelle met me and the Walton County Courthouse, where interestingly, she had business to get done on this very day.

Britton Hill, Florida High Point

Michelle and Steve

Britton Hill - The Florida High Point

Michelle let me drive her car, and I took her to a special place. Where did I take her? To the "Colorado part" of Florida. Britton Hill, elevation 345 feet, is the highest natural point in the entire Sunshine State. I had visited this wonderful spot nine years earlier, days after my first bike across America trip.

Beach at Night In the evening, Michelle and I went to the beach. It was completely dark by the time we set foot on the sand. It was still nice though.

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