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Day 45: Rest Day in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

0 Miles - Spent Day With Michelle; Visit to Ed Walline Beach in Santa Rosa Beach, FL - March 25, 2017

The Florida Gulf Coast
Florida Gulf Coast Beach
Enjoying the beach with my oh-so-sexy legs, Colorado socks, and orthopedic sandals.

Much thanks to Michelle for hosting me the night before. In the morning, we headed to the Ed Walline Beach in Santa Rosa, Florida. Starting today and continuing for the the next five days by bicycle, I'd really get to know the Florida Panhandle.

While it didn't rain here in Walton County, south Alabama got hit with a lot of rain that day. Also, the wind was blowing hard from the east throughout the region, which would have been a headwind. Thus, it was a wise to take the day off.

Michelle was a great host. She made meals for me. We also went to Dunkin Donuts. When my laptop was having trouble reading my memory card, Michelle allowed me to use her computer to upload videos on my YouTube channel. All of this was so generous.

Having a Good Time At The Beach

Me, Michelle, and the rhythmic sound of crashing waves.

Ed Walline Beach

Ed Walline Beach - Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

Being a Coloradan, I don't see the ocean much. It was pleasant to visit.

This is what I thought of the Gulf of Mexico ...

Palm Trees

Palm Trees

Beautiful palm trees one block from the beach.

I came off like such a tourist, but those palm trees held my adoration ...

Breakfast This was my yummy breakfast. Mmmmm. :)
Michelle and Steve In the evening, Michelle shuttled me back to Loxley, Alabama where I stayed in a motel. The next morning I'd resume riding and would return to Michelle's home area in Walton County in two days.

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