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Day 44: Mobile, AL to Loxley, AL

35 Miles - Ridiculous 15-20 mph Headwinds; Biking Thru Mobile; The Bridge Over Mobile River - March 24, 2017

Bear Fork Road in Mobile AL Even though I was exhausted from yesterday, I felt emboldened to bike hard, because if things would go my way, it was reasonable to think I could have made it to Florida.

My ride began on Bear Fork Road on the north side of Mobile. This road (with no shoulder) looked peaceful enough, but soon I'd be in the hurried and congested roads of Mobile. As opposed to being in the middle-of-nowhere where I could focus on my pace, the riding was tougher. Usually there wasn't a shoulder in the city, and I had to stop at about 15 traffic lights.

There was also a train that stopped me. Watch this below, as it's one of my favorites. The video comes alive when I start talking to the women in the car beside me at 0:45.

Cochrane Africatown USA Bridge

Mobile, Alabama

Mobile, Alabama

I worked my way to the northeast side of Mobile, where I'd cross the Mobile River via the Cochrane-Africatown USA Bridge. The tall buildings of downtown Mobile can be seen in the distance.

By now, it was clear there was one factor working against me: headwinds. A sweeping 15-25 mph wind was coming from the east and southeast. It would slam against me and keep my speed down throughout the day. It was especially tough on this bridge. :p)

Orange Beach, Alabama The road turned south -- still a strong headwind -- as I biked along the east side of the Mobile River en route to U.S. Highway 90.

Orange Beach was the nearest town if I had continued south.

Bankhead Tunnel I made it to the east end of the Bankhead Tunnel. Originally, I had planned to bike through the heart of the city, including downtown, and then ride through the tunnel to this point. (It is legal to bike in there; my friend had recently done it.) However, after thinking things through, I opted for the my route through northern neighborhoods, which probably wasn't any easier.

Highway 98 would take me east along the shores of Mobile Bay. It was kind of surreal with the water everywhere.

Inside a Starbucks I biked past Mobile Bay and hopped onto Highway 90 in Daphne.

Just a few tenths of a mile in, there was a Starbucks where I took advantage of the wi-fi and uploaded my videos on YouTube.

Alabama Road

From Daphne, I only had ten miles to reach Loxley, my safe goal.

However, the riding continued to be difficult. Throughout I had an average 20 mph headwind. There were even times when it was drizzling. The irony was I felt good physically and was in a hopeful mood. Going a long distance just wasn't meant to be.

Busy Intersection In Malbis, I realized I hadn't taken enough pictures. So I got this boring shot of a traffic intersection.
Loxley, Alabama

Loxley, Alabama

Arrival in Loxley. The town name sounds nice. Its phonetics flow beautifully. It reminds me of "Goldilocks."

Here's my opinion of the town ...

Piggly Wiggly Supermarket

Loxley, AL Library

Peach Cobbler and Coffee

A friend was coming to see me, but it would take at least 90 minutes for her to arrive. So I did my best to enjoy Loxley.

I photographed the Piggly Wiggly supermarket. I sat in front of the Loxley Public Library. And I had peach cobbler with coffee at the Burris Farm Market.

The library was already closed, but I did show the outside ...

Michelle, The Action Friend
When a friend drive two hours (each way) to shuttle you to her home on the Florida Gulf Coast, you know you have a good one. Thanks Michelle. :)
Driving With Michelle

Me and Michelle cruising along.
Not Too Shabby

Michelle didn't like my "not too shabbies." How could she not like them? Sheeesh. :p)

Florida State Line From Loxley, we'd cross the Florida state line on Interstate 10 and I'd crash at Michelle's place in Santa Rosa Beach. Then tomorrow evening, she'd drive me back to Loxley where I'd resume riding the next morning.

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