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Day 43: Hattiesburg, MS to Mobile, AL

78 Miles - Highway 98 Through Southeast Mississippi; Alabama State Line; Arrival in Mobile, AL - March 23, 2017

Citgo in Hattiesburg, MS Upfront, I will tell you this would be a good cycling day. :)

I woke up early. I ate healthier in the morning. After yesterday's challenges, I worked to prepare myself emotionally and spiritually.

An Uber driver shuttled me five miles to the Citgo on the south side of Hattiesburg.

Beaumont, MS

Highway 98 Mississippi

It would be another hot day, and so I took advantage of the cooler morning temperatures. Highway 98 would have no shoulder like Highways 84 and 49.

Highway 98 in Mississippi A short break in New Augusta.
LSU Mailbox An LSU football helmet mailbox. I like it!

P.S. I like the creativity, not LSU. I'm an Arkansas Razorbacks fan.

McLain, Mississippi

McLain, Mississippi

I got to McLain at 29 miles and was riding well.
The cycling continued to go well. Isn't it true that waking up earlier to do something usually leads to better results? I couldn't start as early most days, even if it was nicer when I did.

Here's a report on what I did at a Subway in McLain.

Lucedale, Mississippi

Lucedale, Mississippi

White Rocking Chairs

Lucedale, Mississippi

At 50 miles, I made it to Lucedale, a quaint southern Mississippi town. Lucedale was my "easy goal" today. If it had been a typical day where some factors were working against me, I probably would have stayed here. It did seem like an interesting town to explore. However, it was only 12:45 p.m., and with the Alabama state line just 12 miles away, there was no way I could stop now. I did rest for over an hour, eating at a Chinese buffet restaurant and lounging in the rocking chairs at the Lucedale Welcome Center. The heat was getting intense by 2 p.m., but I'd take it slow and easy.

Alabama State Line The business route led me back onto Highway 98, where I was only seven miles from the Alabama state line, but the heat was intense and would reach 87 degrees. Thankfully, there was another gasmart and restaurant where I sat for another 20 minutes, drank plenty of liquids, and covered myself with more sunblock. Eventually, I got back on Highway 98. A new state was calling.

Alabama State Line

I don't have a deep connection with Alabama, but boy howdy, was I happy to cross into this state. By now, I knew the end was near. Biking across southern Alabama would take two days, and then I'd be in Florida, the final state. My soul sang.

Semmes, Alabama From Wilmer, it was another eight miles to Semmes, a suburb of Mobile. For a while, I enjoyed this nifty paved path.
Days Inn in North Mobile, AL Highway 98 was narrow and busy all the way into Mobile city limits.

By now, it was getting late and the only motel in the area was the Days Inn in North Mobile. It was pricier than I would have liked, but I had no choice. Much thanks to those who chipped in on my gofundme page.

It was a well-earned 78 mile day. I was proud of myself. I was so tired, but it was a good tired. :)

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