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Day 41: Brookhaven, MS to Collins, MS

60 Miles - Highway 84; Meeting Beverly in Monticello, MS; Burnham's Deli; Collins, MS - March 21, 2017

Brookhaven, Mississippi

Brookhaven, Mississippi

I had stayed on the west side of Brookhaven, and this morning I got a better tour of the town. The bicycle lane was much appreciated. The downtown district seemed inviting.
Highway 84 in Mississippi And then I was back on Highway 84 in southern Mississippi.

There would be no shoulder once more. By now, constantly checking my side view mirror when vehicles approached became stressful.

Noise Ordinance

Monticello, Mississippi

I reached Monticello at 21 miles and rested at a gasmart.

By the way, I want to go on record that I support "don't disturb the peace" noise ordinances. You deserve to get ticketed if you're going to blast your music with loud bass from you car! It's rude and selfish to not consider others and how your behavior affects them.

Beverly and Steve In the heart of Monticello, I was pedaling easy and taking pictures.

On the sidewalk was Beverly. She asked without a hint of shyness about what I was doing, and I told her. It turned into a really nice conversation and I got a photo with her. :)

Much thanks to Belinda (not pictured) for the friendly conversation as well. Monticello made a good impression on me.

Just biking through ...

Prentiss, Mississippi

Prentiss, Mississippi

Riding out of Monticello, the Mississippi heat intensified. I was riding fine but was cautious in every possible way.

It was another 17 miles to Prentiss, and once more I needed to take a break.

By now, the grind of biking across America was wearing on me. Often I was riding in a rural area with little scenery, and all I could do was focus on getting to the next town where I could take cover at a convenience store and buy a cold drink. That's what a lot of biking across America was for me.

Garbage Can At a gasmart in Prentiss, I wanted to unload as much weight as possible from the bike. So I pulled out my third layer and tossed it in the garbage. With the weather so warm and it nearing April, obviously I wouldn't need it moving forward.

I had mixed feelings. There was sentimental value to this yellow pullover, as I bought it as a replacement on my 2008 trip in Phoenix, AZ when my bike (and everything on it) was stolen. I bought it for only $5 in a Kmart, and really, it wasn't the greatest article of clothing, but it bothered me enough to write about it.

Resting In The Shade

There was one peculiar characteristic of Highway 84: the trees were a distance from the road, making any chance to catch some shade impossible.

Burnham's Deli


I got within ten miles of Collins and the heat was tough. My left knee started to bother me. And it seemed like no matter how far I went, the town of Collins would not appear.

Then, on the right, I passed Burnham's Deli and had to get inside. Like the Quick Stop in Quentin, I was so grateful for this business.

Motel Soap I checked in at a motel on the north side of Collins. It was an average room, but I must say I was impressed with the complimentary chamomile & honey body bar.
Mexican Food My mexican meal at Habanero Mexican Grill was not too shabby.

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"How Have I Been Doing Lately?"
A Late Night Talk

My allergy symptoms. 100+ miles of no shoulder in Mississippi. The heat. My left knee. Not seeing anyone I knew for ten days. The humdrum routine of motels and convenience stores. By now, I was so ready to be finished with this trip.

Three "Not Too Shabby" Videos To Shake Things Up :-)
I needed to do something to boost my spirits.

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