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Day 39: Natchez, MS (south side) to Natchez, MS (east side)

3 Miles - A Complete Rest Day in Natchez With an Upgrade to a Better Motel - March 19, 2017

A Full Rest Day
Rest Day
My red Arkansas socks as I rested on a red bed spread.

This was my first full rest day since Abilene, Texas, which was eleven days ago. I did bike three miles to a nicer motel and one that put me in better position to ride out the next morning. I didn't take any pictures besides this one -- that's how "out of it" I was.

I reclined a lot. My body soaked up the coziness of my bed. I ate at a Chinese buffet restaurant. I was worn out and so ready to be finished with this journey.

"The distinguishing mark of true adventures, is that it is often no fun at all while they are actually happening." ~Kim Stanley Robinson

Isn't this quote true? It might best describe what the Bike Ride For Empathy felt like. Yes, I was wise enough to enjoy every moment I could. I took many pictures. I made many hilarious videos. And I loved all the encounters I had with people. But realistically, the dominating mood of this trip was not fun. With my body frequenlty beat-up, with the constant worries about flat tires nagging me, and the daily routine of motels, convenience stores, and grueling distances, there were times where I thought, "Geez, I realize it's my calling to bike across America, but this isn't that much fun."

Having said that, my perspective on Day 53 would change. While standing in the Atlantic Ocean, I did use the word "fun" among many adjectives. I wonder if the struggles and subsequent completion of a cross-country trip might be similar to the joy a mother feels after giving birth to a baby. The memories of labor pains and months of physical discomfort vanish when the glorious reason you went through it all is in your arms.

On The Bed

That was a nice motel room.

My Trip's Theme Song

The "Midnight Cowboy" harmonica piece was the theme song of the Bike Ride For Empathy. It's folksy, haunting, and emotional. It was a fitting tune when I would pity myself as I slogged through east Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Whenever you hear it, I hope you think of this trip.

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