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Day 38: Winnfield, LA to Natchez, MS

89 Miles - Tullos, Jena, Archie, Jonesville, Vidalia, the Mississippi River, Natchez - March 18, 2017

Louisiana Road

After two easy days of 48 and 51 miles respectively, I sensed the potential for a banner day. It wasn't something to aim for, but I knew if everything went well, it was possible I could ride all the way to Natchez, Mississippi. That morning, I woke up earlier. I ate healthier. It was like I was preparing for a longer day.

My first photo taken was about 16 miles east of Winnfield as I approached Tullos.

My first video? I was in a good mood and, well, you'll have to hit the play button. :)

Cross Country Bicyclist

Tullos, Louisiana

In town, I saw a guy biking towards me. It was obvious he was a long-distance cyclist like me. His name was Matt, and he started in Tallahassee and was headed to Albuquerque.
Jena, Louisiana Leaving Tullos, it was 16 miles to Jena and 69 to Natchez. At that point, I turned off any thinking about Natchez and said, "one town at a time." Just get to Jena.

I did reach Jena without too much trouble. I took a short break, then continued into the countryside.

Louisiana Map

Archie, Louisiana

In Archie, I stopped at the one gasmart. Inside, there was a large map of Louisiana. Also, they sell jumbo shrimp for $5.95 a pound! :)

Y Not Stop

Y Not Stop
I support "no sagging pants" and indecency laws. Lift up your pants or get fined!

Jonesville, Louisiana

The cycling got tougher while heading to Jonesville. The shoulder got rougher and the heat increased. Still, I made it and felt good. I took another rest in a gasmart. This one was named Y Not Stop.

I even made a Facebook live video ...

Mississippi River Sign

Vidalia, Louisiana

From Jonesville to Ferriday, it was another 16 miles. Then from Ferriday, it was just ten miles to Vidalia. And from there, it's just a mile over the Mississippi River to Natchez.

I took my time. I rested when I needed. And I kept my cycling pace. Overall, it was a great riding day.

On the east side of Vidalia, I stopped to photograph the Mississippi River sign. I was so proud of myself.


Mississippi River Bridge

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Three photos and a video on the bridge.

Mississippi State Line

Natchez, Mississippi

Five states down, four more to go. :)

89 miles made it my longest ride up to this point. I crashed in an inexpensive motel on the south side of Natchez and called it a night.

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