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Day 37: Coushatta, LA to Winnfield, LA

51 Miles - Just Moving Along in Northern Louisiana; Campti, LA; Clarence, LA; Winnfield, LA - March 17, 2017

Road I started the morning riding towards Campti on Highway 84.
Lumber Truck A lumber truck.
Louisiana Home

Campti, Louisiana

A beat-up home with a neglected vehicle in Campti.
Facebook Check In I stopped at Keys Convenience and outside of the entrance, I met a co-worker who was on her break and smoking a cigarette. We were just hanging around and talking. She told me she moved to Northern Louisiana from Southern Louisiana, and she likes it much more here. "The pace is slowah," she said. "Everthang's a littah slowah."

Yes, I was admiring and embracing the culture of Northern Louisiana with each hour. Then, on a Facebook check-in on my personal page, I asked:

Wha' kinda crazeh axcents do deh hav'in Loseyana? :-)

Campti, LA A couple of miles ahead, I stopped at another convenience store and met Titi. She was astonished over my bike across America trip. She and other locals were so nice to me.

Convenience Store In Clarence, I had another short break. I recall the girl who was working behind the counter was bored. She said "everything is boring in this town."

I probably should've gotten a photo with her, but instead got this selfie through a mirror.

Louisiana Road

Kisatchie National Forest

Here's some of the Louisiana scenery along the way.

Below is arguably the worst video I made on the trip. My hand was shaky. The content is boring. And I tried to "spruce it up" with background music. It's awful, ha ha. Thankfully it's only 19 seconds.

Winnfield, Louisiana 16 miles to Winnfield.

It would be another short day due to the spacing of motels.

Bacon Cheeseburger & Sweet Potato Fries

Lynda's Country Kitchen - Winnfield, Lousiana

I stayed at the Evergreen Inn and RV Park in Winnfield. Their motel rooms were decent, and their rate was cheaper than their competition. Another benefit was Lynda's Country Kitchen was next door, where I'd have dinner and breakfast the next morning.

Check out my bacon cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. Mmmmm! :)

Louisiana Sunset In the evening, the Louisiana sunset was pretty.

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My Louisiana Accent

By now, I had spent two days in northern Louisiana and was picking up on the locals' accents. I kept practicing and practicing. What do you think of mine? :)

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