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Day 36: Logansport, LA to Coushatta, LA

48 Miles - Cold Morning of Riding to Mansfield; Arrival in Coushatta - March 16, 2017

Black Glove After a harder and more dramatic ride yesterday, it felt like I needed an easier day. Also, the weather was cold on this Thursday morning. Lastly, the spacing of towns with lodging were such that I had already accepted I'd ride just 48 miles to Coushatta. Still, it would be a good first day in northern Louisiana.

Riding through Logansport and into the country, I wanted to take pictures, but my thick rubber gloves (second layer) made handling the camera difficult. All I came up with was a shot of my gloves with the road behind.

Mims Recycling

Approaching Mansfield, I passed Mims Recycling. It seemed like an especially fascinating junkyard with massive piles of junked cars.

Mansfield, Louisiana

Mansfield, Louisiana

Naborton Power Plant I had a good chat with workers at a convenience store in Mansfield, and then went on my way.

Here's what I thought of the exit for the Naborton Power Plant ...

Louisiana Swamp It was interesting to see so many swamps and stagnant pools of water in Louisiana.
Louisiana Road It was a cool and overcast day. The riding became easy. At one point, I felt inspire to uh, sing. :o)

Madonna, anyone?

Louisiana Highway 84
Continuing on Highway 84.
Gahagan, Louisiana I was in rural country.

Four miles to Gahagan.
Ten miles to Coushatta.

Louisiana Lumber Truck

Lumber Truck

There were many lumber trucks in the southern states.

Adjacent is the front and side of this particular truck. I wonder if the driver noticed me. It's too bad my lens didn't capture if he had a reaction.

Louisiana Lumber Truck A better shot of the logs hanging off the edge of this lumber truck in Armistead.
Red River in Louisiana I crossed the Red River ...
Coushatta, Louisiana

In the evening, I drank a blue Fanta soda. Here's my opinion of it ...

Coushatta, Louisiana

... and on the other bank was the town of Coushatta.

What is there to say about Coushatta? First of all, locals pronounce it differently from how it's spelled. (Don't ask me how.) I stayed in a older motel that was overpriced with wi-fi that kept going out. I tried to sit in a rocking chair outside my motel room but got ravaged by mosquitoes. I read about the town's history and learned it was an area of unrest and violence after the Civil War, particularly during Reconstruction. I had dinner at a Chinese buffet restaurant and met a few people who seemed nice. Overall, it was a gray and dreary day, and the weather matched my mood -- nothing against Louisiana though.

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