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Day 35: Rusk, TX to Logansport, LA

73 Miles - East Texas Cycling; Convenience Store in Timpson; Elation at Louisiana State Line - March 15, 2017

The Louisiana State Line

Somewhere in central Texas, I started to long to be out of the Lone Star State. Not that the Texas wasn't good to me, but geez, what a huge state. From El Paso to Joaquin, I did it. At 2:26, I shouted "wooooo hooooo." :)

Bicycle Water Bottle I biked a few miles east of Rusk and stopped to remove layers. I grabbed my water bottle for a swig of Powerade, when I realized I should snap a photo of my Colorado Springs Bike Shop bottle. This bicycle shop did all the prepping work of my bike for this journey. I only had two flat tires -- and zero in the front wheel. The gears, the shifters, the brakes, everything ran just fine. This business also allowed me to have a book signing event in their shop when my book came out early on. Much thanks to them!

East Texas Road 18 miles to Mount Enterprise, 36 miles to Timpson.

Flower These purple flowers started to show all over in east Texas and the South. I'm not sure of the flower's name, but they were pretty -- so pretty that I stopped to do a video of one.

Mt. Enterprise, Texas

Unhealthy Meal

Mount Enterprise, Texas

I arrived in Mt. Enterprise at 30 miles. I rested at a Whataburger and convenience store, where I got a burger with chocolate pudding, and washed it down with a Starbucks doubleshot drink flavored in mexican mocha. It was not healthy at all! I had a weak moment in the nutrition category. :o(

Timpson, Texas Riding out of Mt. Enterprise, the food I ate did a number on me. And the weather got hot. I rested in the shade and took it easy. I knew from past experience not to mess around with the heat.

A few miles out of Mt. Enterprise, I rested at this sign indicating I had 12 miles to Timpson and 22 miles to Tenaha.

Kara and William

Steve Garufi

1972 Ford Galaxie

Timpson, Texas

Timpson seemed like a nice east Texas town. I met Kara and William inside a convenice store.

There was also a used car lot that had a gorgeous 1972 Ford Galaxie for sale.

Two videos as I biked through Timpson ...

Tenaha Motel

Tenaha, Texas

Today Tenaha would be my safe goal, the nearest town with lodging. However, when I got there, it turned out my Google searches were wrong. There were NO motels in Tenaha after all. After asking around, a local guy referred me to the Tenaha Motel, but the place was decrepit and closed.

There was a silver lining. Once Tenaha was no longer an option, I knew I'd have to reach Joaquin, Texas. Some adreniline kicked in. Usually I'd get an extra dose of energy when a state line was near. Joaquin was just west of the Louisiana State Line, and I could probably bike to the town, check in, and stroll into Louisiana. :)

Louisiana State Line

Logansport, Louisiana

It was another 12 miles to Joaquin, Texas. I checked into the Executive Inn and asked the clerk how far I was from Louisiana. When he said it was only a half-mile, I finished paying, got my room key, and then hopped back on the bike. Within a few minutes I crossed the bridge over Toledo Bend (the waterway between the states) and had a little celebration at the Logansport, Louisiana sign. I was so happy! I was out of Texas and had entered the South.

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