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Day 34: Fairfield, TX to Rusk, TX

70 Miles - Palestine, TX; Hwy 84 Becomes Rougher Than Average; Maydelle, TX; East Texas Forest - March 14, 2017

Texas Road
East of Fairfield, the forest had become thick.
The Bike Ride For Empathy had turned into a grind.

Wake up. Ride. Rest anywhere I could. Arrive in the next town. Sleep in a motel room. Repeat.

Palestine, Texas

Palestine, Texas

It was a long 37 mile ride to Palestine.

I stopped once more at a Taco Bell and made conversations with locals.

As I biked swiftly outside of Palestine, two women were standing by a mailbox. One shouted, "I like your hair!" I didn't want to stop and all I could shout was, "I like your hair too!" :)

East Texas Road

East Texas Road

The shoulder of Highway 84 became rougher between Palestine and Rusk. In retrospect, I would have chosen a different route.

Still, there was lots of pretty east Texas scenery.

Fairchild State Forest The Fairchild State Forest seemed interesting.
Cherokee County, Texas I crossed into Cherokee County.

Texas is a huge state, but I knew if I kept crossing county lines, eventually I'd be out.

Maydelle General Store

Maydelle, Texas

I made it to Maydelle at 60 miles with ten remaining miles to Rusk. Do watch this video to get the flavor of the town. There ain't much there except for this general store named the Old Cherokee Trading Post.

I checked into the one motel in Rusk and called it a night. This sunset inspired me, although it doesn't look that great thanks to my photography skills. :o)

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