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Day 33: Bellmead, TX to Fairfield, TX

62 Miles - Cold and Dreary Morning; Meeting Artavius in Mexia; Fairfield, TX - March 13, 2017

Gloomy Day Early in the morning, it was cold and raining. By the time I was ready to go, the precipitation had stopped and the ground was wet. The sky would be overcast all morning.
Texas Highway 84 I took Highway 84 to Mexia and Fairfield.
Ugly Powerlines

Like I said, it was cold. I wore all of my layers. My fingers and toes struggled to stay warm. This might have been one of the most "blah" rides of the entire trip, but I hung in there. I even made a semi-humorous video.

Lake Mexia, Texas

Lake Mexia
I passed Lake Mexia.

Taco Bell in Mexia
In Mexia, the halfway point in today's ride, I rested at a Taco Bell. At the counter, a local rancher (left) and Artavius the cashier (right) were stunned that I had biked from San Diego to their little Texas town. The man in orange just stared at me in disbelief. Meanwhile, Artavius was ranting and raving about me to everyone in the restaurant. :)

Mexia, Texas

First of all, if you're interested in pronouncing the town's name correctly, it is Ma-HAY-ah. I had misprounced it for days preceeding my visit, but I kept practicing and impressed the locals when I said it right.

Common mistaken pronunciations are Meh-HEE-ah and MEX-ee-ah.

Me and Artavius
Steve and Artavius
He made a big deal about me, and I appreciated it. Artavius has family in Colorado and has visited occasionally. I told him now he had another friend in the Centennial State. :)

Fairfield, Texas

Fairfield, Texas

I made it to Fairfield and called it a day.

BBQ Buffet I ate at Sam's Restaurant, a buffet of BBQ and southern fare. It was so good! If you happen to be driving through on Interstate 45, I recommend a visit.

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