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Day 31: Hamilton, TX to Waco, TX

62 Miles - Gatesville, TX; Support Vehicle by Jeff Blaylock; Rainstorm in Waco - March 11, 2017

Texas Scenery Here's some of the pretty countryside east of Hamilton.
Gatesville, Texas

Gatesville, TX Prison

Gatesville, Texas

It was a 33 mile ride to Gatesville. I was overjoyed to have made it. From Gatesville, my plan was to take U.S. Highway 84 all the way to Valdosta, Georgia.

In town, there was a women's prison in view.

Happy to be in Gatesville ...

Convenience Store Cheeseburger

I had a convenience store cheeseburger in Gatesville. Mmmmm!

Making it to Highway 84 had me in a good mood, so I made one of my singing videos. :p)

Jeff Blaylock

Jeff Blaylock and His Support Vehicle

From Gatesville, I biked east over South Mountain (a respectable hill) and continued towards McGregor. It was around that time that I was expecting Jeff Blaylock to arrive.

Jeff lives in Austin and drove 100 miles to meet and support me. You got it right: I had another support vehicle and friend for the ninth consecutive day.

Nine Consecutive Days of Friendly Support

Bicycle Support Vehicle

As usual, I tossed my heavy paniers and trunk box into Jeff's vehicle, and then enjoyed easier riding with a lighter bike. My speed was great for many miles towards McGregor.

I love these selfies of me and a support vehicle. :)

Texas Moth We stopped in McGregor for a short break. Originally, this town was my "safe goal," but with Jeff's car support and me feeling good, I wanted to continue to Waco.

By the way, there was a hideous moth of my handlebar. Look at that! :0)

Rainy Clouds The clouds grew dark. It was going to rain.

I biked hard and fast as I approached the west suburbs of Waco. I was so proud of myself.

Waco, Texas

Waco, Texas

I crossed into Waco and continued for four miles when ...
Rainfall ... it began to rain hard.

Quickly, I placed my bike in the back of Jeff's car, and got inside.

Steve and Jeff Blaylock

BBQ Dinner

Jeff shuttled me to a Motel 6 a few miles ahead. So grateful for Jeff's help, I offered to buy him dinner. I was willing to hang out with him for as long as he wanted before he'd return to Austin.

So we went for BBQ near downtown Waco. He also helped with backing up my memory card that had all of my photos from Day 1 thru Day 31.

Jeff and I were talking about all sorts of things. He works in the political world in Austin. His wife is a Methodist pastor. And he doesn't ride bikes at all. This led to an amusing conversation.

"Just curious then, how did we become friends?" I asked.

Jeff said it had something to do with Twitter. Over the years, Jeff and I became connected on that social platform, and he even made a financial gift in 2014 when I was planning to bike across America then. (That trip fell through.) We were meeting for the first time, and it was funny that neither of us could remember how our first conversations were struck. Whatever the case, it was so good to have Jeff's assistance today. His friendship would be missed as I continued east, because when he left me that evening, I would not see another friend for ten days.

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