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Day 30: Rising Star, TX to Hamilton, TX

63 Miles - Riding With Wid in Rising Star; Lunch in Comanche; Arrival in Hamilton - March 10, 2017

Texas Road Highway 36 eastbound, some miles out of Rising Star.

Wid Hay Farmer

Riding With Wid

Wid biked with me from Rising Star to Comanche for 26 miles. He's such a good guy and we had plenty of time to get to know each other. He's one of those men where I thought, "I wish he lived in Colorado, because I'd hang out with him more."

Wid told me about his family farm and all that goes with growing and selling hay.

A nice video of us riding ...

Texas Scenery Typical Texas scenery along the way.
Comanche, Texas

Comanche, Texas

Arrival in Comanche. A photo of the water tower.

Wid and I biked to David Bridges house ...

Mexican Food ... then all three of us had lunch at a Mexican restaurant.
David Bridges Cyclist

Riding With David Bridges

After lunch, Wid returned to Rising Star, and David and I headed east to Hamilton. The plan was for David's wife, Nancy, to drive to Hamilton and shuttle him back. In view of this, I placed my heavy bags (sans my pump and a tube) in Nancy's trunk. I would bike this section on a much lighter bicycle!

Like this morning, I had another guy to ride with, and again, I got to know David better. He told me about a significant health scare that he recently overcame. He loves being a high school teacher. He's also very hardcore in his cycling habits. He could have sped miles ahead of me if he wanted, but instead went at an easy pace.

Gustine, TX

David Bridges Bicyclist

Gustine, Texas

Two more shots of David when we arrived in Gustine.

Deep Shit Cattle Company We passed the Deep Shit Cattle Company. :o)
Hamilton County, TX

Hamilton, Texas

It was a long ride to Hamilton. At the town square, we got a nice shot of us in front of the courthouse.
David Bridges and Wife Soon upon arriving, Nancy showed up. This is a great shot of them. What a happy-looking couple. :)

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