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Day 28: Rest Day in Abilene, Texas

0 Miles - Radio Interview; Downtown Abilene; Visit to Dr. Posey; Spent The Day With Coleman - March 8, 2017

Interview with Trace Michaels and Matt McGraw in Abilene

The full talk. They interviewed me last year too. Listen here. :)

A 14-second blip.

Out and About in Abilene

This video captures the mood of the day. :)

Texas Waffle Iron There was a Texas waffle iron in the lobby of the La Quinta Inn.
La Quinta Inn The accomodations at the hotel were nice.

The pool was closed though.

Trace Michaels Sports Talk

Matt McGraw

Two photos of Trace (top) and Matt (bottom).

P.S. Check out that Oakland Raiders flag!!!

Steve and Dr. Posey Dr. Posey is a functional neurologist and chiropractor in Abilene, Texas. She also comes to Colorado Springs, CO and Trinidad, CO once a month to offer her services. For months I had been seeing her in Trinidad, so it was neat to BIKE to her downtown Abilene location from San Diego. :)

For three years, I have suffered from plantar fasciitis with morton's neuroma rearing its ugly head for long periods. Not fun.

Feet Taped
She did a good job taping my feet.
Abilene, TX Dr. Posey's office is on the 16th floor of the tallest high rise in Abilene. Here was the view from her lobby.
Monks Coffee Shop Afterward, I went to Monks Coffee Shop to relax.

A bagel with cream cheese and a vanilla latte. Mmmm.

Monks Coffee Shop I liked the place so much that I bought a shirt. :)

Abilene TX Shirt

Rest Coleman came by and drove me around town. In his home, I snapped this shot of me reclining in his living room.
Coleman and Son In the evening, Coleman bought me dinner at Heff's Burgers along with his son.

I regret not taking a picture of our festivies. However, here's a shot of Coleman and his boy from another time.

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