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Day 26: Colorado City, TX to 5 mi. east of Sweetwater, TX

34 Miles - More Cycling on I-20 Frontage Roads; Heat Exhaustion in Sweetwater; Brian Shuttles Me - March 6, 2017

First Presbyterian Church
The First Presbyterian Church in Colorado City.
I slept well and headed to Brian and Dana's home in the morning.

Breakfast With Brian and Dana

Dana whipped up an amazing breakfast with eggs, bacon, and biscuits. They were intrigued about my "not too shabby" video series, so I made one in their kitchen. :)

Roscoe, Texas
It was more riding on Interstate 20 frontage roads.
I intended to reach Abilene at 69 miles. The wind was southerly and slightly at my back that was forecasted to become a true tailwind by the afternoon.
Texas Plains
Rest break under a bridge.
At one point, I rested under a bridge to get out of the sun and wind. It had become warm. It was already 75 degrees, and it was expected to reach the low 80s. While the riding was generally good, already I was having difficulties with the elements.

A fun "not too shabby" of this Wendy's billboard.
Bicycle Interstate 20 When I approached Sweetwater, it had become clear something was wrong. I entered a convenience store to buy drinks and use the restroom, and I found myself "unsharp." I felt overheated. I seemed a little slow and confused. I just didn't feel well. Was it heat exhaustion? It was true I had not gotten around to applying sunblock all morning, which could have played a factor.

Outside of the gasmart, I debated whether to continue and opted to take it slow. About 2-3 miles out, I felt compelled to take off my second layer, but that didn't help. The more I rode, the worse I felt. Under the bridge at exit 149 (5 miles east of Sweetwater), I decided to take a minimum 20 minute break. I would sit in the shade and relax, and then assess how I felt.

Brian I recall sitting there for about one minute. I prayed, asking for God's wisdom about what to do. And then another minute later -- I kid you not -- Brian pulled up in his truck. This was my sign!

Earlier Brian told me he would be driving to Abilene, and on his way back, he might look for me. Well, he did.

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Not Feeling Well

Brian brought me back to Sweetwater.

Heat Exhaustion
Motel Bed
I was so tired and pathetic that I didn't have the energy to take off my shoes.

As I rested and napped throughout the afternoon, it had become obvious that I was suffering from heat exhaustion. (This was pretty much how I felt on Day 1 in San Diego.) For the remainder of the day, I'd remain stationary on my bed. I drank lots of liquids. And I stayed the hell out of that sun. I wouldn't feel better until after I had slept it off the next morning.

By the way, Dana contacted me and she was worried that her breakfast caused all this. I assured her that it did NOT. Her eggs and bacon were so good and I would eat her home-cooking anytime! :) This was all about the heat pounding me. In retrospect, I would have benefited from one of those cowboy hat style brims for cyclists that give cover from the sun.

Answered Prayer or Coincidence?
Answered Prayer
If you're not religious or have antipathy towards this topic, please bare with me.

While lying on my bed in my heat exhaustive state, I thought of my friend Lisa who was my best beta-reader when I wrote Under a Triumphant Sky. We've lost touch with the exception of exchanging texts every six months or so. It seemed random to send her my location and status, but I did it anyway. (At the time, Lisa knew about my trip, but not much else.) Read her response. Is this a coincidence or the working of God? I'm convinced it was the latter. If you're a skeptic, I understand. Whatever the case, this would be fun to discuss over a cigar in the mountains. :)

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