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Day 25: Lenorah, TX to Colorado City, TX

52 Miles - Big Spring, TX; I-20 Frontage Road; Hosted by Presbyterian Church in Colorado City - March 5, 2017


I awoke in my motel room in Big Spring with a dilemma. Two days ago, I stopped in Lenorah and was shuttled by Glenda to Big Spring. However, this morning I had no way to return to Lenorah. Glenda was unable to take me. Neither was Kim. Also, there were no uber drivers in Big Spring, and I didn't want to spend money on a taxi. So I made a decision: From Big Spring, I would make up the 24 mile distance by riding 12 miles towards Lenorah, and then I'd return to the city. I also made a second decision. Instead of riding on Highway 176, I opted to take the frontage road along I-20 west.

So I got going on my bike. It was strange to ride WEST. :p) Then I faced a problem: At 8.7 miles, the frontage road ended. Yes, I could have continued on the Interstate, but I didn't want to risk it -- just dealing with the stress and higher risk of getting a flat. Still, I didn't want to cheat.

It was a battle between head vs. heart, but I opted to turn back. I fumed over the seven unaccounted miles and made a vow to myself: If I ever cheat again, I will quit and end this entire ride. Also, if a well-meaning friend shuttles me, if they are not willing to bring me back to the exact spot I stopped, then I won't accept their help. Thankfully, I would easily make up those seven miles in various ways in the weeks ahead.

By the way, I bought new gloves in Midland.

Here's what I thought of them ...

Big Spring, Texas

Big Spring, Texas

Arrival on the west side of Big Spring.
Downtown Big Spring TX There's one tall building in downtown Big Spring.
Refinery Road, TX

East of Big Spring, there's a large oil refinery.

For the rest of the day, I'd mostly bike on an Interstate 20 frontage road.

Stripes Store

Breakfast Burrito

Coahoma, Texas

For the first time in a long while, it was refreshing to have towns within close distance to each other. No longer did I have to frantically plan over having enough food and drinks.

In Coahoma, I bought two breakfast burritos. I really like the Laredo Taco Company grills that are inside gasmarts.

E. Howard Field Road
At exit 194, I had no choice but to ride about 0.75 miles on the I-20 shoulder.
Soon upon returning to the frontage road, I saw this train! :)

Colorado City, TX Nine miles to Colorado City.
Colorado City, Texas

Colorado City, Texas

I arrived in Colorado City at 52 miles. It's has a typical main street with older buildings.

My Angels From First Presbyterian Church
Brian, Dana, Steve
Photo: Brian, Pastor Dana and me at the First Presbyterian Church.

Through connections among the cycling community in Abilene, Texas, I was contacted by these new friends in Colorado City. Brian and Dana are cyclists and Dana is the pastor of the First Presbyterian Church. They offered to host me for free in their church building. They set up an air mattress. They allowed me to use the church kitchen and bathroom. And they gave me free towels, the wi-fi password, and made me breakfast in the morning.

Much thanks to these angels on the Texas plains. Obviously if you live in Colorado City, this is the church I recommend. Brian and Dana are Christian leaders who don't just "talk the talk," but they "walk the walk," a rarity these days.

A Tour of My Accomodations

I've never slept inside a church building. It was different. :)


Psalm 23 Pray I liked the framed Psalm 23 print and the "PRAY" in the fellowship hall. Very nice. :)

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