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Day 24: Rest Day in West Texas

0 Miles - Bicycle Shop in Midland TX; Lunch with Sean, Glenda & Kim; Sands High School Play - March 4, 2017

West Texas Y'all. It Was a West Texas Kind of Day. :-)
Steve and Friends
Photo Above: The four of us at Papa Chon's Spanish Inn in Big Spring.

Much thanks to the kindness of Sean, Kim, and Glenda for providing me with a relaxing and entertaining day off.

West Texas Scenery

First thing in the morning, Sean and Glenda transported me from my motel in Big Spring to a bicycle shop in Midland. I'd buy a new hardcase tire for the back wheel and an adaptor so I could use my pump on road bike tubes.

Big Spring, Texas

In Big Spring, I saw a sign that noted it was 333 miles to El Paso. Wasn't I there just a week ago? I felt proud to be that far away.

By the way, this was not my first time in Big Spring. Three years earlier, I visited Glenda and Sean and made a video as we drove around Big Spring. Watch it on the left. :)

Sands High School, TX

Sands High School in Ackerly, TX

After lunch, I rested in the afternoon. Then in the evening, Kim came by to take me to Sands High School in Ackerly. Sean and Glenda's daughter Leyna attends the school and would be participating in a play.
There was a spaghetti dinner before the play.
Stay Humble

Reading Bulletin Board

Sean is a teacher at the high school and gave me a tour. I liked his North American snakes poster and bulletin boards that promote humility and reading. :)

A Texas Tragedy: The New London School Explosion
Texas Tragedy Play
The cast of A Texas Tragedy: The New London School Explosion was made up of Sands High School students. They did such a great job.
Sands High School Play
Leyna is the girl in the lower left.

Photos of Leyna
Sean, Glenda, and Leyna are the only three people who are photographed in all three of my bike across America journals. Because Leyna is graduating high school this spring, I made a tribute to her. You can see how much she has grown through the years!

Leyna and Glenda
February 2008 - Leyna looks like a cute little squirt with her mama. (Trip #1)

Kennedy Family
February 2011 - Leyna had grown a lot in three years. Oh my, look at all the food on the counter! (Trip #2)
Leyna Kennedy
March 2017 - Leyna (right) and her friend before her play started. She's almost grown up. :)

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