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Day 22: Eunice, NM to Andrews, TX

39 Miles - Texas State Line; Short Ride Into Andrews; Cpl. Ray's Coffee Shop - March 2, 2017

Texas State Line

Texas State Line

From Eunice, it was only five miles to the Texas state line.

Bad Scenery The scenery was mostly bare. :p)
Texas Highway 176 The shoulder had lots of crumbly, micro-bumpy stuff that made for a rumbly ride.

So I snuck onto the smooth wheel rut when no cars were around. At this point, I had become proficient with my side view mirror and would manuever back once a vehicle was coming from behind.

West Texas Scenery

Andrews County, TX

Texas Oil Drill

Texas Scenery

Lots of oil drilling structures out there.

Andrews, Texas

Andrews, Texas

I arrived in Andrews at 38 miles intending to call it a day. Due to the spacing of towns, the next city with lodging was Big Spring (63 miles), which would've have demanded a century ride from me. It wasn't in the cards.

I figured after riding three 70+ days, I was due for something shorter anyway. I even slept in and started my ride at 10 a.m.

Ravioli Dinner

Steve and Kay

I had lunch at Joe's Pizza and Pasta.

Adjacent is a photo of me with Kay, my waitress. She was a sweet woman with a Texas accent.

I kept trying to make conversations with her and repeatedly asked, "Come on, what's it like to live in this town? Tell me about Andrews." Her main answer was "there ain't much to do in this town." She did recommend Cpl. Ray's Coffee Shop though, so there IS something to do. :)

I had raviolis and bread for lunch ...

Corporal Ray's Coffee Shop

Corporal Ray's Coffee Shop

Corporal Ray Bevel

Cpl. Ray's Coffee House

Near my motel was a wonderful coffee shop named after a fallen American solider. His name was Ray Bevel, a young man who was killed in action in 2007. His parents made this coffee business in his memory with locations in Odessa and Andrews. Yes, the coffee and ambiance were excellent, but it's more than that. It's a touching place.

I sipped on my decaf latte and uploaded my YouTube videos for the day, all the while feeling good to have crossed into Texas for good. It would take 13 days before my wheels would be out of the Lone Star State.

I do recommend Cpl. Ray's Coffee and I'll surely be back if I'm ever in the area. Check them out. Their website is www.cplrayscoffee.com.

My video inside the shop ...

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