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Day 21: Carlsbad, NM to Eunice, NM

71 Miles - Long Ride on the Barren Eastern New Mexico Plains - March 1, 2017

A Major Downgrade In Scenery
East New Mexico Plains
If you wanted to see just one photo from Day 21, this would be it. Boring plains. Nothing out there. This was my view for about 30 miles out of Carlsbad.

With the mountains behind me, the scenery took a huge drop and would never recover. From here on out, my photography becomes one big blah. :(

Lea County, New Mexico

Lea County, New Mexico
The sign at the Lea County line.

After two hearty and adventurous days through the West Texas Panhandle, it felt like I was due for an easier ride. After all, the Rocky Mountains were behind me.

Uhhhh, I was in for a rude awakening. My route from Carlsbad to Eunice would be even more isolated than yesterday's. It would be 71 miles with no services and no lodging between those towns as a "safety destination." I would have some climbing of 300-500 feet out of Carlsbad too. (Sure, I was on the plains, but I was biking out of the Pecos River watershed.) There was a third factor: a gentle 3-5 mph headwind would hit me at a 45-degree angle. All these factors made for a challenging ride.

Eunice & Jal, New Mexico From Carlsbad, Highway 62 & 180 could have taken me all the way to Hobbs. However, I had already biked through Hobbs on my 2011 trip.

Wanting something different, I turned on Highway 176 which would take me into Eunice, NM; Andrews, TX; and Big Spring, TX.

Horses Five gorgeous horses.

New Mexico Highway 176 A Facebook live video at the beginning of Highway 176.

Oil Pump Jack
An oil pump jack on the New Mexico plains.
NOTHING. Nothing out there. I made the most of it though.

Eunice, New Mexico

Eunice, New Mexico

I was so relieved when I made it to Eunice. Ahhh!

Eunice has friendly people. It's a proud town. That's what the sign says.

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