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Day 18: Rest Day in El Paso, Texas

0 Miles - Cross of Grace Church; A Visit to El Paso Street in Downtown El Paso - February 26, 2017

A Stroll on El Paso Street - El Paso, Texas

The most memorable highlight of the day was walking around downtown El Paso. :)

Cross of Grace Church

El Paso, Texas

Cross of Grace Church

I was due for a rest day and throughout the journey, El Paso seemed like a good place to give myself 24 hours of reprieve from the bike.

Cross of Grace Church

Despite my religious rhetoric, I am not much of a church-goer these days. However, with the distance I'd gone, the prayers I prayed, and just a sense that I wanted to acknowledge God in a demonstrative way, I paid an Uber to drive me to a nearby church -- the Cross of Grace Church.

I met some friendly people. I regret I've forgotten all of their names.

-There was the guy I sat next to who was newly married.
-There was the wife of the pastor.
-There was the family with three kids who drove me back to my motel.

The church parking lot had a nice view of the Franklin Mountains.

My regrets to the woman and man who sat directly in front of me. The backs of their head will be forever on this journal. :p)

Palm Trees After church, I didn't do much. I did a lot of reclining.

These palm trees at my motel were nice.

El Paso, Texas

Downtown El Paso

By the afternoon, I wanted to get out. I paid an Uber to shuttle me to downtown El Paso. I wanted to walk around and see what trouble I might get into.

I ended up on El Paso Street, a merchant district that seems to cater to visitors from Juarez, Mexico. It was a wonderful place. Do scroll up and watch the seven minute video of me strolling along. It was fun and memorable for me. :)

I loved this music ...

United States Border I went south on El Paso Street to the point where you'd have to pay to cross the bridge for entry into Mexico. Then I hopped onto a concrete embankment to capture this picture of the Bridge of the Americas U.S. Port of Entry.

I was going to do a "not too shabby" video, but a security guard shouted at me to get down.

Uber Driver I contracted a few Uber drivers in El Paso. This is Maurice who drove me from downtown back to my motel.

Yes, he's a South Carolina Gamecocks fan. (He pointed out they've won back-to-back World Series championships recently.) He's been living in El Paso because his wife is stationed in the Army here. Maurice was quite the character. Of course, I told him about my trip. He was amazed. I wish there was a way to tell him that I made it to the east coast.

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