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Day 14: Duncan, AZ to Lordsburg, NM

37 Miles - New Mexico State Line; Expansive Desert Scenery; Meeting Andrew From Germany - February 22, 2017

A Stormy Night of Sleep
Cozy Bed
My cozy bed at the Simpson Hotel.

To begin Day 14 writing about sleep is different, isn't it? Especially when I say that I had a bad dream. It had nothing to do with the accomodations -- they were so nice -- but there was a storm brewing in me spiritually and emotionally.

It feels funny to say I had a "bad dream." No, it wasn't like how a child might have one where they suspect a monster is lurking under the bed. And no, it wasn't a recurring nightmare that those with post-traumatic stress endure. This was related to my damn midlife crisis that has been kicking my ass for years. It would be too personal to share the content, but the dream awakened me around 2:30 a.m., and it hit so hard that even though I was able to return to sleep, it was tough to shake off the feelings, the impressions, and the overall mood for the remainder of the night. In fact, it would linger with me throughout the day.

In Duncan, I got on my bike with more fear than usual -- and let me be clear if I haven't already -- most mornings I was already filled with enough anxiety to alarm an outsider. Would there be flat tires? Why was I doing this trip? Would I make it to Lordsburg? What if I'm sad and grumpy like this all day? I pedaled and prayed. I gave my burdens to God. And I tried to listen with my heart.

Franklin, AZ

Franklin, Arizona

Beyond Duncan is the town of Franklin. Trailers and small ranches dotted the landscape.
New Mexico State Line

New Mexico State Line

New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment, and after just 60 seconds of being in the state, I felt a lot of enchantment. So did my bike! :)

Green or red chile in my meals, ristras, lizards, roadrunners, adobe-sided homes, and expansive desert scenery would be the norm for many days ahead.

Desert Highway

The cycling was tough early on. I needed time to warm up.

TOP: The route as I traveled east.

SECOND: Looking back at where I'd come from.

New Mexico Scenery

New Mexico Scenery

New Mexico Scenery

New Mexico Scenery

They don't call New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment" for nothing. Adjacent are three stunning shots.

This Facebook live video was a smash hit. Watch it. Keep watching. :)

Another video as I biked. There were hardly any cars.

Yucca Trees I was enamored by these massive yucca trees.

Andrew Bike Across America

Bike Across America Cyclists

Andrew From Germany

As I was nearing Lordsburg, I met Andrew coming in the opposite direction. Andrew is from Germany and was visiting the United States for the first time. He began in Miami, Florida and was headed to Los Angeles, California.

I gave him my phone number and told him he could call me if he ever needs an "American friend" to ask a question about our culture. I'd hate to see someone try to rip him off.

Anyway, I got a picture of him, and then he wanted one with both of us. :)

Lordsburg, New Mexico

Lordsburg, New Mexico

Lordsburg is in the county seat of Hildago County and located in the southwest corner of New Mexico.
Shamrock Shake

Chicken With Green Chile

It was a stormy day on a personal level, and it didn't help that I was ready to check into a motel as early as 1 p.m. Could I have continued riding on this sunny day? Of course, but the nearest lodging was in Deming (60+ miles) which was too far to risk trying.

I had to go with the flow. At least, I ate a lot. I enjoyed a Shamrock Shake at McDonald's. In the evening, I devoured chicken fried chicken with green chile. Also, the salsa with those chips had some nice kick to it. My mouth was burning and I was breathing fire. New Mexico dining is a wonderful thing!

There was a fireworks store near my motel.

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An Evening Talk By My Motel

Does my video build some interest for tomorrow? Is it a cliff hanger where you have to know what happens the next day? I don't know, but I enjoyed making these anyway. :)

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