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Day 12: Globe, AZ to Safford, AZ

76 Miles - San Carlos Reservation; Fort Thomas AZ; Presidents' Day Protest in Safford - February 20, 2017

Motel 6 I slept well and woke up early. It felt like I needed to be refreshed and prepared to have a good day with Safford (75 miles away) as my goal.

I had breakfast across from the motel. Upon returning, I admired the eastern sky. Ahhhh. :)

San Carlos Reservation, AZ

San Carlos Apache Reservation

It was promising to be warm and sunny. East of Globe, there was plenty of downhill as I crossed into the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

A Facebook live video ...

San Carlos Reservation There was descent for 20 miles to Peridot. I cruised in the 16-18 mph range.

Peridot, Arizona

Apache Burger

Peridot, Arizona

Peridot and San Carlos are in the heart on the reservation.

While taking a break at a convenience store, I was tempted to get an Apache burger, but it was only 9:35 a.m. and they weren't open yet. :)

"The morning ... was, like nearly all Arizona mornings, clear and beautiful ..."

~Edgar Rice Burroughs, A Princess of Mars, 1917

Arizona Mountain Scene

Arizona Scenery

San Carlos Reservation

The climbing begins east of Peridot -- and it would ascend for a while.

At least the Arizona scenery was nice.

You've got mountains.
You've got saguaros.
You've got beautiful wide open spaces.

Milemarker 284 At milemarker 284, I applied more sunblock as the heat intensied. Overall, I was doing well though.
Apache Indian Reservation A sign for an Apache Tribal Warm Line in Bylas.

By the way, did you know there is a suicide text line? Text 741741 to contact a committed and responsive listener. (I've texted them as a test, and they do respond promptly.)

Apache Market in Bylas, AZ


I took another break when I arrived in Bylas at 43 miles.

Maybe it sounds hokey, but while on the reservation, I wanted to be a blessing to an Apache person. It didn't have to be much. I just didn't want to ride through without making a meaningful human connection.

By the time I got to Bylas, I knew I had to do something, as the reservation border was only two miles ahead. Isn't it hard to truly bless someone if you don't know them well or understand their needs?

Still, the pressure was on. So what did I do? First, I bought a cupcake at a stand for 50 cents. (I know, I know, big freakin' deal.) Inside the supermarket, I made a woman laugh who was mopping the floor. Then, as I sat outside the store, a guy asked for money, and so I gave him ten dollars. That was about it.

Riding out of Bylas ...

Geronimo, Arizona

Geronimo had two or three shabby buildings, and that was it.

Geronimo, Arizona

Geronimo, Arizona

Fort Thomas, Arizona

I was happy to arrive in Fort Thomas, but disappointed the town's store was closed. If you watch the video in its entirety, you'll observe how the heat was getting to me. :)

Pima, AZ 21 more miles to Safford.

Gorgeous mountains.

Saguaro in Pima AZ There is a massive saguaro cactus at the Pima post office.

Here's what I thought of it ...

Safford, Arizona

Safford, Arizona

The main drag. It was so good to arrive. My mileage totaled 76 miles.
Anti-Trump Sign I arrived in Safford around the time protestors were gathering to march to the courthouse, which was part of protests happening nationwide on Presidents' Day.

Politics is a touchy issue, so I won't say much except that this was my favorite sign. It's a fitting exhortation.

Empathy for others.

Steve in Safford, AZ The Eastern Arizona Courier did an article about my bike trip. The story would come out two weeks later while I was in West Texas. Much thanks to David Sowders and the staff for their interest in my journey.

You are welcome to stay connected with me on my author page.

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