About Steve

What should I say?
Should I write about my naturally curly hair?
Have you ever watched my bizarre not too shabby videos on YouTube? :)

That's me wearing a Razorbacks t-shirt and rocking it with black socks and sandals.

Steve Garufi

The Man Behind The Cycling Adventure

My name is Steve Garufi, a resident of Buena Vista, Colorado, who absolutely loves our mountains. I built a small name for myself through my website, www.coloradoguy.com, which archives my many photos, bike rides, hikes and mountain climbs over the years. Getting out on my road bike is another interest. Multi-day bicycle tours are so enticing for the fitness, sense of accomplishment and the feeling of being free. After the trip is over, telling stories in photos and the written word is rewarding as well.

I'm passionate about making meaningful connections. I am, after all, a "talk therapist" by trade. I want to learn from those who have taken great risks to pursue their dreams. There are also people with remarkable stories about how they've turned their pain and suffering into something beautiful.

If you're still reading this, I appreciate it. I consider myself an ordinary guy. And a lucky one. Who gets to bike across the United States three times?! If you desire to do a crazy bike adventure of a similar fashion, I want to be an encouragement and invite you to visit my resource page. Please keep in touch.

All the best, Steve

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